StoneRaft is a design born from a meditation on the contemporary city. A place where the user can rest and watch the rhythm of the streets. A place where you can still travel, while you keep in the same place.
The bench is resolved in a single piece of reinforced concrete with a stainless steel structure and acid-washed finish. It could get different finished using sandblast and templates.
StoneRaft is usually placed directly on the pavement. If necessary, it can be secured to the pavement using chemical plugs and stainless steel bolts in situ.
The design can be combined with other elements. Then we could get another option of lounge bench, or even a new product as a bin, using the same basic piece, and therefore maintaining a common identity in the urban furniture.
Durability, consistency, elegance, minimizing materials, minimizing processes, are concepts that I had kept in mind during the development process.


About Eliel Cabrera

Industrial designer specializing in furniture, urban furniture, product, corporate identity, packaging, web and graphic
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  1. Sammy Poon dice:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am Sammy Poon, a reporter of Next Magazine in Hong Kong. I have read the article on the website, and really interested in MagicBoard. I would like to report this to Hong Kong reader. Would you mind sending me some high resolution photos, maybe 5-6 photos, to publish in the magazine?

    Thank you for you kindly attention!

    Sammy Poon
    Reporter, Features and Technology, Next Magazine
    Address: 4/F, 8, Chun Ying Street, TKO Industrial Est W, Tseung Kwan O, NT, Hong Kong
    Tel: 92566642 / 29907510
    Fax: 26239554


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