SCD deliver a surprisingly big sound and are perfect for use with your iPhone or iPod. A simple slide expands the speakers, and let you see the dock to connect your device.

SCD is ultraportable, the long-lasting lithium-ion batteries provide plenty of power, while the unique vacuum bass design gives you surprising volume and bass response.

The amazing thing is that SCD has 128Gb storage capacity for you to download all your music, photos or documents and manage them with an App. You can play your music without your iPhone/iPod using music stored in the SCD. With bluetooth and wifi, SCD allows you to control from your iPhone, iPod Touth or iPad. (Compatible with AirPlay technology).




SCD has by both sides touch areas that identify gestures. Use them to raise or lower the volume, to change songs, rewind, play, pause, fast forward the song, etc… using one or both touch surfaces.

Thus for example, sliding your finger on one surface upwards or downwards, you go up or down the volume. If you do this operation on both sides simultaneously, you will do a quick sweep of the song. Doble click on the right side to advance a song, and on the left side to recede a song. To pause just one click on both surface at once. To play a song, one click on the right side, and to stop the music, keep your fingers on both sides few seconds.





SCD also functions as alarm clock, so you can program from the App any song to sound to wake up.

To view the clock just have to slide your finger across the front of SCD. If you want the clock is always visible, simply hold your finger on this surface a few seconds. If you want to hide, repeat.


You can use SCD as a external power battery for iPhone and iPod. SCD includes a special high-output battery the provides ultra-fast charging. It charges at up to four times the current offered by traditional 500mAh batteries.

To charge the speakers, simply connect the SCD to your computer with the USB cable included with your iPhone/iPod to sync iPhone/iPod and charge its battery. Or connect the SCD to an electrical outlet using the Apple USB Power Adapter (included with your iPhone) to charge the battery.

SCD is an Ultraportable Speaker, a Hard Drive, a Clock Alarm, A Dock for your iPhone or iPod, an External Power Batery, all in one. Mesures 90x90x90mm folded and extended 129x90x90mm.




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