PixlClock is not just a wall clock. It contains an 21×21 multicolor LEDs array, thus being able to change the display color for the skin tone with your own style.

PixlClock has the ability to configure how to show time, and mach the style that best goes with you. Not only the color, but also if you prefer digital mode, or in binary, or a modern style, or QR Code time or a classic mode, you can set it.

For example, in the picture below, the clock strikes a quarter past twelve.



To change the style, simply tap and slide your finger along the right side, and access the menu where you can change the clock style.



With PixlClock you can leave a message in it. You only have to write on your app phone and send it, or directly using the touch sides on PixlClock. It is useful to leave reminders. Or even, you can set an email, and when it recive an email with the subject “PixlClock sms”, it will appear on the panel (no more than 160 characters)


You can set your twitter account and every time you get a mention, you will see on the panel.


You can set PixlClock directly with the touch areas, or from a particular App where you have access to the menu setup. As for example, set each hour to PixlClock tell you the weather.

You can even set differents sounds for every hour and it sound as you like, or when you recive an email, show you an animation and play a sound, or when you recive a mention on twitter it will sound again. Also you can set small animations when you play your music or what ever you want.


PixlClock has a battery that is rechargeg by induction. At the bottom it has a magnetic zone where it attaches the transformer contact. In a low battery you will be notified by PixlClock with a specific low battery icon on the panel.



About Eliel Cabrera

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